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Free WordAI is an unlimited paragraph rewriter and sentence paraphraser. Our team used it first to pass AI detection before making it public.

"We want to clarify that Free WordAI operates independently and has no affiliation or partnership with wordai.com. Our service is entirely separate, offering users a unique and free AI-powered text rewriting experience. We value transparency and want our users to be aware that we are a distinct entity, providing a standalone and cost-free paraphrasing tool."

What is Free WordAI?

what is free wordai

It's an automatic spinning tool to rewrite paragraphs and rephrase sentences and make a new unique content. It is a very powerful AI powered free rewriting tool with the ability to rewrite the whole phrase in high quality.

As a very special AI rewriting tool, almost instantly, Free WordAI will make an AI undetectable writing and generate unique content. When you rewrite and paraphrase articles, you get 100% of originality guaranteed.

There many article spinners, however Free WordAI stays on the of article spin rewriter. It is very easy to user and totally free without any word limit. You can transform any of your rewritten text into high quality content with its very sophisticated artificial intelligence.

What is the word limit for Free WordAI?

word limit for free word ai

Free WordAI has literally no word limit! Rewrite paragraph and paraphrase sentences no matter how long they are. You can even paste an entire article and rewrite it in seconds.

How did Free WordAI started?

how did free word ai started

As a marketing agency involved in SEO and writing content, we were using a lot of rewriting tool to help spin content or transform some pre-written text into paragraphs with some style.

With the rise of AI detection, no one knew how will the AI generated content will be penalized by Google. One thing was clear: If AI detection tool can detect our AI usage, Google for sure will do.

As we have great copywriters and editors within our team, we've decided together to analyse the difference between a human written text and an AI generated one.

Here are some difference we've come out with:

  • AI content has style inconsistencies
  • Used word are random and unpleasant to read
  • Lack of sentiment within the text
  • Sentences length may be very limited and similar

For sure an AI detector has some reverse engineering algorithms and patterns to detect things that humans can't.

We've done tests with a lot of AI detectors, and we were at a level that we've been able to mimic manually an AI generated text. 

After this, we had one idea in mind, is to make the perfect tool that will help us internally to boost our writing by rewriting the content we need without detection.

With a lot of data gathering, programming and also getting help from the specialists we were able to come up with this unique rewriting tool that rewrites paragraphs and sentences and makes them look human made.

After a year of using it, we've finally decided to make it available to the public to help students, bloggers, journalists, marketers etc. with their writing work.

About Free WordAI team

about free word ai team

We have a multidisciplinary team composed with content writers, marketers, SEO specialists, developers and designers. We work together as one family.

Free WordAI is the fruit of the reunion of our efforts with all the experience that we have together. As we love sharing good things with each others, we've decided to make Free WordAI publicly available.

Hosting an AI based rewriting tool for a large number of users like we are doing with this website is very costly. But for us this doesn't matter as people are taking benefit from our free rewriting services and are happily making their content.

About free WordAI for student

free word ai for students

Free WordAI is the perfect rewriting tool for students because it is:

  • Totally free and has no word limit
  • Undetectable by AI detectors
  • Fast and quick for the best productivity
  • Able to rewrite in multiple styles
  • Correcting spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Making an increased level of human quality content 
  • Suiting all types of content (report, book, article, speech etc.)

Student can pass AI detection and increase their sentence phrase level with our free AI powered rewriter. The phrase level rewriting is very high and it can do bulk article rewriting with no words limit.

Free WordAI is a rewriter with human quality that will increase students productivity and satisfaction in their work. Free Wordai rewrites entire speech, report or any other kind of content with ease.

Free WordAI has an easy interface available both on desktop and mobile as our UI is very responsive so that you can use our AI powered rewriter in all your devices.

For students of artificial intelligence, it is possible to experiment with our advanced machine learning technology and challenge our machine learning models. You can try to make your own machine learning models and work on them to see what is like to make advanced machine learning technology.

Is Free WordAI the best paragraph rewriter?

free wordai best paragraph rewriter

It is the best paragraph rewriter for the same reasons it's the best sentence paraphraser. Free WordAI can rewrite paragraph with better phrase level. It also increases every sentence phrase level to make it professional and far from any other AI paraphrasing tool results.

The phrase level rewriting quality is very important when using a rewriting tool. This because AI generated content is not pleasant to read. When reading a regular AI powered rewriter content, it is a matter of a few words to start questioning its sources.

Making human quality content is important for your readers and for the SEO optimisation if you are into it. Yes, it is important to pass AI detection and avoid plagiarism but you must also have a quality content that is professional and makes a great read.

Free WordAI can rewrite entire article in a human quality and using multiple styles. It is perfect to rewrite all kinds of content because the phrase level rewriting is done in the purpose of increasing the sentence phrase level. 

So if you want the best paragraph rewriter for all your content and sentences, this is the perfect tool for that.

Who owns Free WordAI?

who owns free words ai

Free WordAI is a product of our agency that is totally free. We own many other online tools like Free WordAI and we make them available to the public to share our advances in modern technology and marketing.

Free WordAI is used internally in our agency daily working plan. We use for

  • Rewrite info paragraphs and contact pages
  • Paraphrase our own content when someone had stole it
  • Update old articles with modern style and add NLP keywords
  • Rewrite pre-written articles, notes or proof of concepts

Free WordAI has been very beneficial for our productivity because it helped us win a lot of time and increase our writing performance by diluting the load on our writers. We all create content thanks to Free WordAI. However the money content has his own specialists which are our professional writers and they find their use cases in Free WordAI. 

Free WordAI API and share

free word ai api share

Want to use our service on your own website for free? It is possible! Free WordAI offers the possibility to share its article rewriting tool completely free on your website to make money from it or just for test.

You can share Free WordAI by incorporating an Iframe inside your html. You will be able to configure it to set maximum word count to and other parameters.

You can contact us to send this information:

  • Your contact email address
  • You website URL
  • The reasons why you want to share it

For more information about Free WordAI services if you have any question or suggestion, please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can also check our privacy policy to check our terms and services or read in depth about Free WordAI.