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Free WordAI support team is very open to your suggestions. Send us your message or request through email, whatsap or contact form. And happy rewriting!

"We want to clarify that Free WordAI operates independently and has no affiliation or partnership with Our service is entirely separate, offering users a unique and free AI-powered text rewriting experience. We value transparency and want our users to be aware that we are a distinct entity, providing a standalone and cost-free paraphrasing tool."

How to get in touch with Free WordAI support?

The free WordAI contact form can be found on this page.

All requests from users are processed by us.

Stay informed by using the Free WordAI US contact page if you have encountered difficulties connecting via Whatsap or via Free WordAI email.

Feel free to share any feedback, suggestions, bugs, or improvement ideas you have.

Your message will be greatly appreciated and answered promptly upon your arrival.

Where is Free WordAI head office?

Our team is located mostky in Thailand and some of them Europe and US. There is a vast community of Americans in Thailand who share our goals.

We have a post mail in the US and an office. You can contact us right there. However we recommand using one of the ways we are providing in the above.

Free WordAI support contact

Our support team will check with you any issue you may find on our rewriting tool. They will be happy to provide you with any information or advice you need without any hesitation.

Our user's message is taken very seriously, and as a result, Free WordAI is constantly improving.

We prefer to have a structured message for a better understanding of your need. Please refer to those steps when reporting an issue or asking for help:

  1. Put your request title in the subject
  2. Join your contact email
  3. Write clear message with a maximum of three small paragraphs

Contacting Free WordAI

Our customer service representatives are available to provide answers.

They will provide you with the most effective response possible.

We suggest sending a limited number of emails for each subject.

Support Email Adresses:
[email protected]for partnership requests and development.
[email protected]For any technical request or support.

Contact Free WordAI in USA

Free WordAI contact in the US is always available. We will fulfill your request and provide you with the answer you want.

Sometime, the line may be full, you can still try again or contact us bye whatsap message.

Usa phone number:
+1-646-799-1317For partnerships and other requests

Free WordAI contact form

Contact us anytime via our contact form. Our team will respond as soon as they receive your message.

Our goal is to be highly regarded by our users and engage in a constructive dialogue regarding our services and tools.

contact us Free WordAI

Frequently asked questions

Can I sell content rewriten by Free WordAI?

We use our own rewriting technology to rewrite paragraph and rephrase sentences. You can use any of our AI powered content for commercial usage.

Keep in mind that our rewriting tool is stil AI powered and you must not claim the opposite for making benefit.

Free WordAI article rewriter is mainly made to help writing content faster and better. Our rewriter have human quality but doesn't serve to other purpose like claiming the authorship.

For more information please check our Privacy Policy.

Can I copyright Free WordAI content?

It is not allowed to copyright an AI powered content because it's not made by a human. Our Free rewriting tool doesn' make a distinction.

You want to use AI powered content to help you with your work and not to imporsonate a kind of a writer.

Use our article rewriter to rewrite paragraphs and sentences. Add your own touch and choose the right place to put your content.

What is the best way to use free WordAI for SEO?

For the best use of Free WordAI in SEO, you can:

Free WordAI can paraphrase and rewrite articles in an SEO friendly because it has a correct style that uses the related keywords to themain topic.

You can rewrite any AI generated content with Free WordAI, it will not only make it fresh and unique but also enriche it with keywords that are SEO friendly.

Free WordAI rewrite paragraph and paraphrase sentence. If they already contain keywords, they may be replaced by their synonyms. For SEO, synonym are still related to the original keyword and search engines still see them.

For more informations about us and our policies please check our privacy policy page