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How to use NLP keywords?

It is important to use NLP keywords because it helps Google search engine to identify the answer to questions or the interresting content accuratly.

It is really a huge change and very impactful new SEO factor. For those reasons, we implement them in our SEO optimizer.

Here is an example:

seo optimize 0/ 3 - 5

This keyword is wrong grammatically, but because it is an NLP keyword, here is how you can use it:

  • ...seo to optimize...
  • ...seo and optimize...
  • ...seo when you optimize...

"to", "and" and "when you" are called stop words and the keyword will be still counted even if you use them. This will make it easier for you to implement keywords smoothly and at the same time your content will be more reachable by Google AI bots.

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google keyword search

How to Find Trending Keywords on Google

To discover trending keywords on Google, it's important to note that Google Search itself doesn't provide a dedicated feature for this purpose.

However, you can leverage Google Trends to uncover the latest search trends and insights.

Start by using keywords related to your interests or niche, such as Google Ads, keyword plan, keyword planner, and more.

Google Trends allows you to compare the popularity of different search terms over time and across regions.

Begin by entering your desired keywords in the search bar of Google Trends.

Explore related terms, analyze keyword trends, and consider seasonal variations.

The tool provides visual representations of search interest, helping you identify rising or declining trends.

Additionally, you can filter results by location, timeframe, and category.

By utilizing Google Trends alongside the provided keywords like research tool, bid estimates, and planner tool, you can stay informed about current search trends and tailor your content or marketing strategies accordingly.

Keep in mind that staying updated with trending keywords is essential for effective online visibility and audience engagement.

How to Do Keyword Search on Google?

On Google Search, initiating a keyword search is a straightforward process. Begin by typing your query, keyword phrase, website, or any relevant starting point for your research into the search bar.

As you type, Google Search will provide suggestions based on popular and relevant keywords related to your input.

Pay attention to the highlighted keywords in the search results, as they indicate the terms used to generate the displayed content.

Utilize keywords such as google ads, keyword plan, keyword planner, and others to refine and specify your search, ensuring more accurate and tailored results.

Google's search suggestions can be valuable in guiding your search and helping you discover additional keywords that might be relevant to your topic.

Remember to analyze keywords, search terms, and bid estimates to optimize your search strategy and find the information or content you are looking for efficiently.

Whether you are conducting research, exploring products and services, or planning an advertising campaign, leveraging keywords effectively on Google Search is essential for obtaining the most relevant and useful results.

Is Google Keyword Search Free?

Google's keyword search tool, known as Keyword Planner, is primarily designed for advertising purposes, specifically for Google Ads campaigns.

While the Keyword Planner itself is part of the Google Ads platform, it can be used for more than just planning ad campaigns.

With Keyword Planner, you can explore and check keywords, understand their popularity based on the number of requests, and analyze the bidding value interval for each keyword.

It's important to note that while access to Google Keyword Planner is free, certain features may be more beneficial for advertisers with active Google Ads campaigns.

The tool offers valuable insights for businesses, allowing them to choose keywords, estimate bids, and plan their advertising strategies effectively.

So, in essence, while Google's Keyword Planner is a free tool, its full functionality is optimized for users engaged in advertising and marketing efforts on the Google Ads platform.

How Do You Find Keywords?

When it comes to finding keywords, the question is quite broad, and it depends on the context.

Specifically for SEO keywords, there are effective tools available to help you in your search.

Our keyword checker is one such tool that can assist you in identifying relevant and impactful keywords for your content or website.

Explore our Find Keywords On A Website page.

You can also check our competitor keyword research page.

Check also our Keyword Tool - Google Keyword Planner Free page.

Alternatively, Google Keyword Planner is another powerful resource for discovering keywords.

It allows you to explore keywords related to your business or niche, providing insights into their popularity, bid estimates, and search volumes.

This information is crucial for optimizing your content and online presence.

Whether you choose to use our keyword checker or Google Keyword Planner, both tools are designed to simplify the process of finding keywords, making it easier for you to enhance your SEO strategy and reach your target audience effectively.

Google Keyword Search Free

Google's keyword search feature, known as Google Keyword Planner, is indeed free to use. You can access this tool to explore and discover relevant keywords without incurring any charges.

However, for more detailed and comprehensive results, especially if you are running advertising campaigns through Google Ads, it is advisable to set up a campaign. Running a campaign provides you with additional insights, such as bid estimates and specific keyword performance metrics.

In essence, while the basic functionality of Google Keyword Planner is available for free, unlocking the full potential and detailed results may require engaging with the Google Ads platform through campaign setup. This allows businesses and advertisers to fine-tune their keyword strategies and optimize their campaigns for better visibility and effectiveness.

Google Keyword Search Examples

To demonstrate a Google keyword search example, consider typing "how to make sausage" in the Google search bar. The search results will display various pages related to this query, primarily focusing on recipe pages, videos, and question-answer formats.

Within the search results, pay attention to the bolded keywords, as they contain the essential terms related to the query. These bolded keywords provide a quick overview of the content on each page.

Additionally, scroll to the bottom of the search results page to find other related keywords. These can offer further insights into variations and related topics.

However, for more precision, simplicity, and efficiency, especially for automation, consider using our tool. Our tool streamlines the keyword search process, providing you with accurate and relevant results for your specific needs.

Google Keyword Search YouTube

For keyword searching on YouTube, you can use the following query: " keyword". This will filter results specifically from YouTube for your keyword research.

As you go through the search results, pay attention to the bolded keywords and suggestions, as they provide insights into other relevant keywords related to your query.

However, for a more in-depth analysis, greater simplicity, and enhanced efficiency, consider using our tool. By using the same query with our tool, you can streamline the process, obtaining a more comprehensive and organized list of relevant keywords for your YouTube research needs.

Whether you're optimizing content, planning advertising campaigns, or conducting research, our tool offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for effective keyword analysis on YouTube.

Google Keyword Planner for Keyword Research

In Google Keyword Planner, you can discover keywords by selecting your location and language preferences. Start by typing your desired keyword or keywords into the search bar to check their performance and explore related keywords.

During the analysis, you may find that your specific keyword isn't widely used, or Google may suggest variations in the search results to enhance relevance. Take note of all these keywords, and Google Keyword Planner allows you to export them to a CSV file.

Once exported, you can manipulate and analyze all the data conveniently using tools like Excel or Google Sheets. This enables you to organize and optimize your keyword list based on your specific goals, whether it's for content creation, advertising campaigns, or general keyword research.

Google Keyword Planner is a valuable tool for users aiming to refine their keyword strategies and enhance their online visibility.

Google Trends and Keywords Search

Google Trends is a valuable tool for keyword research, offering insights into the popularity and search interest of specific keywords over time.

By analyzing the trends, you can identify emerging topics, understand seasonality, and tailor your content or marketing strategies accordingly.

Utilizing Google Trends with keywords like keyword research, analyze keywords, and people search, allows you to stay informed about what topics are trending and what your target audience is interested in.

It helps you make data-driven decisions by providing visual representations of search interest and related queries.

Whether you're planning advertising campaigns, creating content, or conducting general keyword research, Google Trends enhances your understanding of user behavior and preferences.

Integrating Google Trends with other tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, can offer a comprehensive approach to refining your keyword strategy and staying ahead in your digital endeavors.

Free Keyword Research Tool Beyond Google

Our keyword tool goes beyond Google, providing you with a powerful solution for effective keyword research.

Explore our Find Keywords On A Website page.

You can also check our competitor keyword research page.

Check also our Keyword Tool - Google Keyword Planner Free page.

With this tool, you can obtain the most used keywords for a specific query, complete with essential information such as the number of occurrences, content length, HTML structure, and the number of internal links.

This comprehensive data empowers you to quickly optimize your articles for search engine ranking, even if you have never done SEO before.

By leveraging our tool, you can efficiently understand the relevance and competitiveness of keywords, allowing you to create content that resonates with your target audience and ranks prominently in search results.

Whether you're focused on Google Ads, keyword planning, or discovering related products and services, our free keyword research tool ensures that you have the insights needed to enhance your online visibility and drive meaningful traffic to your website.

Google Search Console Role for Keyword Research

Google Search Console plays a crucial role in keyword research as it holds real data about your website in Google's records.

It's an invaluable tool to check the keywords your website is currently ranking for and those for which it's receiving impressions but without resulting in clicks.

By reacting to Google Search Console statistics, you can enhance your website's ranking swiftly.

This tool provides actionable insights into how users discover and engage with your content on Google.

Understanding the keywords driving impressions and clicks allows you to refine your content strategy, optimize existing pages, and create new content that aligns with user intent.

Whether you're focusing on Google Ads, keyword planning, or discovering related products and services, leveraging Google Search Console data ensures that you can make informed decisions to boost your website's visibility and improve its performance in search engine results.

SEMrush for Google Keyword Research

SEMrush is a comprehensive tool widely used for Google keyword research.

It provides valuable insights into various aspects of keyword performance, competitor analysis, and overall SEO strategy.

With SEMrush, you can explore keywords relevant to your business or content, analyze their search volumes, and understand the competitiveness in the market.

The tool offers features like finding keywords, researching keywords, and analyzing competitors, making it a versatile resource for optimizing your online presence.

SEMrush allows you to discover related products and services, find relevant business opportunities, and analyze search terms that matter for your industry.

Whether you are planning Google Ads campaigns, optimizing your website for search engines, or conducting detailed keyword research, SEMrush provides a user-friendly interface and actionable data to enhance your digital marketing efforts effectively.

WordStream for Google Keyword Research

WordStream is a tool commonly used for Google keyword research, offering a range of features to optimize your advertising and content strategies.

With WordStream, you can efficiently manage Google Ads campaigns, find keywords relevant to your business or products, and discover related products and services.

The tool provides functionalities like keyword planning, bid estimates, and the ability to analyze keywords, assisting you in creating effective advertising plans.

You can use WordStream to explore keywords, search terms, and phrases that align with your goals, ensuring your campaigns are targeted and reaching the right audience.

Whether you're looking to improve your Google Ads performance, refine your keyword strategy, or discover opportunities for your business, WordStream offers a user-friendly interface and valuable insights to enhance your digital marketing efforts.

Ahrefs for Google Keyword Research

Ahrefs is a robust tool used for Google keyword research, providing a comprehensive set of features to enhance your SEO and content strategies.

With Ahrefs, you can delve into keyword planning, analyze competitors, and explore keywords relevant to your business or niche.

The tool offers functionalities like finding keywords, researching phrases, and analyzing search terms, allowing you to make informed decisions about your content and SEO efforts.

Ahrefs enables you to discover related products and services, uncover relevant business opportunities, and refine your keyword strategy based on competitor analysis.

Whether you are focused on Google Ads, refining your content strategy, or researching keywords for specific products or services, Ahrefs offers a user-friendly interface and valuable insights to support your digital marketing initiatives.

Explore our Find Keywords On A Website page.

Check also our Keyword Tool - Google Keyword Planner Free page.