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Discover the unique features of FreeWordAI AI content detector tool that makes it better than Quillbot, and see why you should start using FreeWordAI's AI content detector now. Quillbot AI Detector identifies AI-generated content by examining patterns like repetitive words and unnatural flow. It's free and checks various content types. But what if I tell you that FreeWordAI is better than that?

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What is Quillbot AI detector?

Quillbot AI Detector is a tool designed to identify AI-generated content, such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, and Google Gemini. It serves as a means to recognize text produced by artificial intelligence which is a very important task in nowadays applications as it can ensure the quality of your content.

How does Quillbot's AI content detector tool work?

Quillbot's AI content detector tool examines text for AI-generated content by analyzing repetitive words, awkward phrasing, and unnatural flow which are Quillbot's affirmed patterns indicative of AI text generation. This helps them in the detection and flagging of potentially automated or ai-written content.

Is Quillbot AI detector free?

Quillbot AI Detector offers unlimited checks and is 100% free, unlike its paraphrasing tool and grammar checker, which have limited free plans. Users can use the AI detector without restrictions, accessing its full functionality without any charges or subscription requirements.

Which type of content does Quillbot AI detector can check?

As they stated on their website, Quillbot AI Detector is capable of checking various types of written content like blog posts, research papers, and other written materials to identify AI-generated text..

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What are Quillbot's AI content detector tool features?

Quillbot AI Detector can detect AI-generated text and measure its percentage, AI-generated and paraphrased content, human-written and paraphrased text, as well as purely human-written content. It is pretty fast as the it can get you all the score almost instantly after pasting your text and clicking the "Analyze text" button.

What are Quillbot's AI content detector tool advantages?

Quillbot AI Detector is simple and efficient when it come to detecting raw AI-generated content especially from sources like ChatGPT. It is very responssive, fast and unlike its paraphrasing tool, it's completely free.

What are Quillbot's AI content detector tool limitations?

First, the QuillBot AI detector can only handle up to 1200 words, which can be sometimes annoying when dealing with long text. Secondly, although it claims to detect paraphrased content, our tests show it doesn't always work well and detects it rarely. Finally, we noticed bias; sometimes, identical text portions are inconsistently flagged. Moreover, QuillBot can't distinguish between pure AI-generated content and heavily prompted AI-generated content. Additionally, it struggles to determine if a text lacks coherence, is random, or is high-quality human writing. These limitations affect its effectiveness in accurately identifying various types of content, and to be frank, the last one is a global limitation that FreeWordAI solves, as we will see in the next section.

Why FreeWordAI AI detector is better than Quillbot AI detector?

FreeWordAI has unique features that Quillbot doesn't have, like being able to differentiate between pure AI text, enhanced AI content, or paraphrased, random text, literature, simple text like human chat, scientific text, etc. On top of that, FreeWordAI has a more precise scoring system, showing the distance between your human-generated text and your AI content on a special gauge. Finally, FreeWordAI has no word count limit, which makes handling long text very easy.

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You can also check our free ai content detector tool page.

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Here's a table summarizing key differences between the two AI content detector tools:

FeaturesFreeWordAI AI DetectorQuillbot AI Detector
Pricing100% Free100% Free
No. of checksUnlimitedUnlimited
Sign-upNot requiredNot required
Content FocusAllBlog posts, research papers, & other written materials
Word Count LimitNoneUp to 1200 words
Flags AI content
Consistency in Flagging Identical TextInconsistent
Detects paraphrased text✓ (lacks precision)
Text Quality Detection
Measuring distance between AI and human content

Which one is more accurate Quillbot's AI content detector tool or FreeWordAI?

FreeWordAI is more accurate than Quillbot's AI content detector tool for two reasons: the first one is that it can precisely recognize the quality of text, distinguishing between professional, forum, random, paraphrased content, and of course, AI-generated one. The second one is that FreeWordAI measures the distance between human and AI-generated text to let you know exactly your type of text.


FreeWordAI AI content detector tool is betten than Quillbot due to its superior accuracy, absence of word count limitations, and distinctive attributes like text quality assessment and measuring the gap between human and AI-generated text.

QuillBot works fine, but it's not as accurate or flexible as Free WordAI. Free WordAI gives users more reliability and freedom to analyze text without limits with its advanced and special features, offering users a smoother and better writing experience.

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